Chemical Overview

This section aims to provide an overview of my previous research in a number of different areas. Broadly speaking, this research falls under the headings of synthetic organometallic and inorganic coordination chemistry.

 Sulfur Macrocycle Complexes of Ruthenium / Rhodium

 Ruthenium and Rhodium Scorpionate Chemistry

 Phospha-alkyne Hydrometallation

 Gold Thiolate Chemistry

 Supramolecular Networks of Gold

 Complexes of Gold and Silver with Selenium Donors

 New Approaches to Alkene Hydroformylation

My PhD work at Imperial College in London with Prof. Tony Hill centred on functional group transformations in complexes of the platinum metals (mainly Ru, Os, Rh, Ir). This was extended to include the effect of stabilisation of these processes by tridentate facially-coordinating ligands such as sulfur macrocycles and scorpionate nitrogen donors. While Fixed-Term Lecturer at Imperial, I concentrated on the reactivity of the phosphavinyl ligand which provides an unprecedented entrypoint into new polymetallated phosphorus ligands. Moving to the Technical University in Munich, Germany allowed me to work with Prof. Dr. Hubert Schmidbaur on a wide variety of coinage metal systems. Among these were polyfunctional gold(I) thiolate complexes which provide an excellent pathway to supramolecular networks held together by a combination of aurophilic and hydrogen bonding interactions. Working with Prof. David Cole-Hamilton at the University of St. Andrews provided an invaluable insight into the highly industrially relevant area of alkene hydroformylation.